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Premium Line Security & Surveillance Systems.

Among our products: CCTV cameras for indoor and outdoor use, cameras with IR for day and night use, anti-vandal cameras for installation in places with high level of protection.

For the monitoring of buildings and territories we produce PTZ cameras which can be set either for specific motion mode, or for an automatic one.

All cameras in our production range have high resolution parameters providing clear, professional image in day and night time. Including superior, up-to-date image technology.

A range of Premium line recorders can be applied for the control of CCTV camera records. Each recorder supports up to 16 cameras, which enables one person to control up to 16 points on the monitor and in the recorded video.

Additionally we offer a wide range of accessories which makes easier and more convenient installation process of CCTV cameras and improves the quality of image to the required level upon specific demands. To guarantee a long and stable working cycle of CCTV security & surveillance systems we offer a series of coaxial cables which conform to all international standards.

By providing security & surveillance solutions, we place our main focus on small and mid-size projects such as schools, banks and small office buildings.