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Fiber Optic easy access cable



Cables of easy access (Riser Cables) are designed for assembly FO cables in multi residential buildings, offices areas and also co called ”open spaces“. Special construction allows easy access to fibers by cutting a window in a cable outer jacket  using a simply cutting device. This method allows to take out ESFU fiber module on the length of 25 meters. Cables are available in construction of 12-48F with single 1xESFU modules and 24-96F with double 2xESFU modules. Modules can be distinguished by colour code and printed black markers. Fibers in modules are coated with easy strip jacket to facilitate easy installation and termination. Cables are covered with non flammable LSZH jacket according to IEC 60332-1.


  • 12-48 fibers x 1ESFU or 24-96 fibers 2xESFU,
  • Aramid rods stiffeners,
  • Construction allows window cut and easy access to the fibers,
  • Construction protects fibers while window cutting,
  • Possibility to take out ESFU fibers on the length of 25 m,
  • LSZH jacket,
  • G657A fibers with reduced bending radius in easy strip coating.


  • Cable of easy access in FTTx network,                             
  • Multi-residential building,
  • Parking spaces, offices areas,  
  • Latest FTTH projects,
  • Premises cables, indoor and outdoor.