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Fibrain Distributions
  • A fiber optic network is a complex system which consists of many accessories in the form of fiber optic equipment.
  • Each of this element is very important and has a direct impact on the proper operation of the network.
  • It is therefore absolutely necessary to use only high-quality accessories to meet network’s needs and requirements (optical power balance, resistance, operation, fault tolerance).
  • In order to meet all these needs FIBRAIN presents solutions which ensure streamlined network operation.
  • It is also necessary to bear in mind that apart from premium quality equipment, the installation needs to take place and be performed in accordance with proper norms and standards.
  • Therefore, FIBRAIN offers a comprehensive portfolio of specifically designed trainings in the field of, amongst others, proper network design, network operation and troubleshooting. Moreover, participation in these trainings give all attendees a possibility to obtain a certificate and network warranty.


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