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Network Server Cabinet
P/N 612268422

    With fixed 19’’ installation on the front and rear for components 

    According to IEC 297-3
    Detachable composite structure
    Cable entry via bottom and top cover
    Vertical cabinet can move backwards and forwards and
    adjust up and down to mount instrument
    Fan heat dispatch device
    Door opening 180 angle
    Equipped with castors and adjustable fixed feet
    High strength toughened glass frameless or perforated metallic front door is simple and beautiful
    Comply with ANSI /EIA RS-310-D, VDE 0100T 540 for grounding requirement, IEC 529/DIN 40050 for IP requirement
    All are made of quality zinc – plated mild steel sheets
    Material thick: 19”mounting bar 2.0mm,
    the whole framework 1.2 mm and each door 1.2 mm
    Surface treatment :Degreasing rust cleaning ,antirust phosphorizing and coating

Network Server Cabinet

Type Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Part No.
Width Depth Height
27U 600 800 1400 73 612X68272
32U 600 800 1600 78 612X68322
37U 600 800 1800 95 612X68372
42U 600 800 2000 115 612X68422
800 800 2000 135 612X88422

X=1 stands for perforated metal front door; 
X=2 stands for glass front door; 
RAL7035 color upon request